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Our Mission

Managing a contingent workforce may be complex, but the technology you use does not have to be complicated. We’re on a mission to simplify VMS technology. Clarity VMS (pun-intended) was created as an easier, more user-friendly option.

Our development approach is based on industry experience, client feedback, and innovation which allows us to deliver simple, focused, and effective VMS technology to enterprise companies, managed services providers, and staffing firms.

Our Story

Our CEO, Don G. King, began his career in the staffing industry in 1986. Throughout his career, his staffing company was required to participate in many MSP programs in order to serve enterprise clients. This exposed him to various vendor management software platforms. He understood the need for the technology, and knew it was relevant, but felt many of the platforms were too complicated for everyday users since most of them were developed with mostly procurement and finance in mind. He realized there was room for improvement, by adding features to benefit other stakeholders within the organization.

His vision was then brought to life by our creative and development teams. They performed market research by interviewing various user groups to see what they liked and didn’t like about existing VMS platforms. Feedback was taken from recruiters, line supervisors, hiring managers, accounting reps, and more.

Today, we’re proud to have designed a simple, focused, and effective technology which continues to improve operational processes by creating transparency and adding value to all parties involved in managing a contingent workforce.

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We believe in building relationships, not just gaining clients. You play a vital role in the evolution of the software by providing feedback, allowing us to enhance Clarity VMS. In turn, we strive to provide consultative feedback and industry-wide knowledge setting you up for long-term success. We define our success based on your success and are here to support your company through every step of the process from implementation to long-term strategies.


A solution for the mid-market
Make the move from managing your contingent workforce with paper requisitions and shared spreadsheets to streamlining your processes.

Managed Service Providers

Partner with us to provide a simple, focused, and effective VMS system to your clients in logistics, manufacturing, distribution, call centers, and more!

Staffing Firms

Leverage VMS technology to add value to your existing clients and win new business.