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The Clarity VMS Difference

At Impact Workforce Technology, we believe that VMS technology should help companies be more efficient – not more complicated. That’s why we’ve created Clarity VMS, which serves client companies and staffing providers by allowing them to build solid working relationships and remain focused on people. So, how is Clarity VMS different from the current VMS marketplace?

Current VMS players:

  • Focus on technology first.
  • Compete against the staffing industry.
  • Are financially risky for staffing providers, who must fund VMS costs on already low margins.
  • Result in the client receiving low-quality talent to build their workforce, as higher quality talent is reserved for higher-margin accounts.
  • Prevent open communication between the client and the staffing providers.

In contrast, Clarity VMS:

  • Allows for collaboration between the client, the MSP, and the staffing providers.
  • Collaborates with staffing providers rather than competes against them.
  • Is third-party neutral.
  • Is user-friendly. No need to hire additional staff to utilize the VMS.
  • Provides visibility into your workforce and business analytics.
  • Helps your company standardize pay/bill rates.
  • Accounts receivables are secured and not commingled into operating accounts,  so staffing providers are promptly paid
  • Cloud-based software
  • Access to managed services and workforce consultation through Impacting Leaders, a member of the family of companies

Technology should never overshadow our ability to help companies achieve success. To schedule your complimentary Clarity VMS demo, contact us today at (770) 412-0868 or, or complete our online contact form.

Our Clients Speak

I had the opportunity to work with Impact Workforce Technology during their beta phase. Their user-friendly system made the applicant screening process easier and opened the lines of communication between us and our staffing providers....

Tina Striplin, HR Field Services Manager, Impact Outsourcing Solutions

Before Clarity, my team and I spent a significant portion of our time compiling data and manually creating reports. Now, we\'re able to return our focus to what we do best - recruiting and consulting....

Amy, Staffing Firm Owner

As a business owner with a background in temporary staffing, I knew there had to be a better way for companies to benefit from the technology of a VMS without all the headaches. We created...

Don King, Founder, IWT Tech

Clarity was designed by staffing industry professionals who know the industry and understand the barriers that typical VMS companies create. When we selected Clarity, we gained an entire support team who understands what we do...

Gauher Mohammad, Vice President, Doherty Staffing